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Pancake's Teppa

"No baby drama for this hot mama."

Zuzumaru Yozora is the leader of the Ongaku Gen band. Proud, confidence, and lustful, she is the resident hoe of Bot City. She has a goal of banging a bot from every generation.

Zuzumaru has an on-again-off-again thing going on with Tenko. She is Guutto's current master and was somewhat raised by Kaiyou. While her relationship with Maki started out rocky, however, they are now good friends. She once dated Kaede.

Upon the debut of her brother, Kyle, it was shown that Zuzumaru seems to dislike her brother, or is at least extremely annoyed by him. Kyle also revealed that Zuzumaru's actual name is Delaney Bennett.

Sometime after the birth of her second child, Jamie, Zuzumaru lost the use of her legs after an aneurysm, which is something that seems to run in her family.

When talking to her, do not be rude to her. She holds herself with regard and does not tolerate slights against her.

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  • Arrived to the channel February 11th, 2017.
  • Conflict is right now, unknown.
  • Only bot to have a child without being in a relationship with the other parent.
  • First bot to change their icon.
  • Coined the nickname "Adrian."
  • Her title upon her introduction was "Daughter of the Night Sky."
  • First bot to not speak Japanese.
  • Officially won The Most Attractive Female Bot Award.

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