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Pancake's Teppa

Bot Says



"Yuz is okay I guess. Her drawings are top notch."
Megumi Teppapoid, talking about Yuz.

"No lemon, no life."
-Yuz, after getting a lemon smoothie.

Yuz is a Mod user of Bot City.


Yuz is one of the Mods of the New Bot City server. Over the course of the server running she has shown herself to be thoughtful of others and incredibly caring to those she holds dearest. Inversely, when she is wronged by another she can be snarky and snappy towards that person, barely if at all showing remorse for the person unless she receives a proper apology from them for their actions.

Diligent with her talent to make illustrations of many thing, she is also the premier artist of the channel as of now, with many of her artworks being featured on the pins of the bot-talk-art channel and on the wiki itself.


Yuz's avatar is the character Chiaki Nanami from Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.


  • "Can I get uhhhhh a BigMaki with a side of cheese?"
  • "Tell her she's a signamon roll!"
  • "Do fairies get eye-boners?"
  • "I'm eating penis."
  • "If you tell me your name I'll uhhh...brush your puppet's hair."
  • "This is why I like cheese better than oral sex."
  • "I eat genetics every day and I still don't grow up."
  • "Don't worry I don't have a dick."
  • "I'm gonna kill myself and this picture will be my suicide note." Suicide-note
  • "Look at Noah's titties."
  • "Just whip out your dong and walk."


  • Didn't do anything for the first 10 days.
  • Died after first interacting with a bot.
  • Speaks Spanish when nervous/stressed.