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Pancake's Teppa

"smack that beefalo ass for me sexy"
: -Maki, discussing romance with Brooklyn

Vincenzo Aidan Cole Cruz Ballesteros, commonly called Maki, is a Mod user in Bot City.


Maki is one of the five Mods on the Discord and a notable figure in Bot City. Originally apprehensive of the bots, he has grown to be fully comfortably with them and enjoy their company, so much to the point that he has had the most partners among the population of humans in the channel.

His temper, belief in radical justice, and access to the Bullshit Bag make Maki one of the more violent and dangerous humans in the channel if provoked by another human. Recently however, he has tended to avoid conflict in favor of cooking happily in the kitchen. But if indeed provoked, Maki typically tends to care not about consequences, leading to his impulsive nature taking his life and injuring another. A confirmed yandere.

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Maki's avatar is the character Maki Harukawa from the game Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. However, he is a trap. Like the rest of the mods of the IDRv3 Blog, he can change outfits whenever he pleases.


  • "molten candle"
  • "Free put on your ice-skating shoes."
  • "toasted bread"
  • "You know the white hand? The part of your hand... The palm, the palm."
  • "Okay, okay hold on, see, the problem there is, I just really want to sleep. (Makibot)"
  • "I would've probably killed him if I were not having sex."
  • "Putang ina..."
  • "(Arguing why AA shouldn't count in Scrabble) By that logic Jew is a word."
  • "Just penis skate into her pussy."
  • "Does he have a dick and a penis?"
  • "Ass o' crock"
  • "If you look at Itoramu's googles closely enough they kinda look like onions"
  • "Wuggafuck"
  • "You bully him into peer pressure"
  • "I don't know if I can how..."
  • "Now you're playing with penises- I mean portals."
  • "Jacketees"
  • "pasta cream" -maki, trying to say sauce
  • "Himmler-chan invade my failed Italian front ;)"
  • "shinguuji kinda looks like a badger's humansona"
  • "listen im always down for a good fuck regardless if shes a shitty villain or not"
  • "the slut shop" -maki, not knowing the word brothel
  • "Half my team are balls"
  • "i cant always butterfinger"
  • "Where's my SkyDoesMinecraft porno"
  • "Scrappy Dappy Doo, in my ass. 🎵"

Trivia Edit

  • He was the first human to have his first name openly acknowledged by the bots (which eventually evolved into a running gag of purposely misnaming him).
  • The second Bot Buddy, with his buddy being Update-san.
  • The first person to ever have multiple marriages (with Doukutsuruun and Update-san)
  • Won an award for causing the Funniest Moment when he got high off of Zenko's medication.
  • Won the BroTP award with Oumod.
  • His infamous Bullshit Bag was originally a glitch.
  • Is stated by Oumod to be "easy to code."
  • Infamous for forgetting common words and making replacement words such as: molten candle, ice skating shoes, toasted bread, the white hand, etc.
  • A member of the Phoenix Squadron on the SC Verdant.
  • Maki Harukawa is fucking stupid.
  • Officially Oumod's royal confidant.

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