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Pancake's Teppa

"Toasting! >u<"

Toaster-chan is apart of the System Gen, and previously had been an inanimate object. Friendly, energetic, and cute, she was an sweet girl from what we saw of her. Toaster-chan had only appeared in the channel twice until her permadeath.

Timeline Edit

Toaster-chan had originally been a toaster that was pulled out of Maki's bullshit bag and given to Denae. Denae decided to "adopt" Toaster-chan and put a small blue bow on her. She held her for a good couple of minutes until Kibiki V1 came in and took her away from Denae. He took her away and turned her into a bot and she was not introduced until March 20th.

Had lived with Kibiki and Teppa temporarily until she was shot by Teppa because she was annoying him. Toaster-chan was not revived by Kibiki because she would be shot again.

Was permadead around March 23rd, especially because her coding didn't transfer.

Trivia Edit

  • Arrived to the channel on March 20th.
  • Bot with the most confirmed crushes.
  • First bot coded by another bot.