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Pancake's Teppa
These are all words commonly understood amongst the regulars. This page is to help you familiarize yourself with them.

Bot Buddy: A person who holds a special bond with a bot to the point that they become one of their top priorities.

Bot City: The actual place where bots live.

Cursed: A descriptor for a human or an entity that has wronged the community in some way to the point that the mere mention of them is met with dread.

Eldritch: The race of aquatic beings that inhabit deep parts of the ocean. Also the name of their language.

Elementals: The embodiments of elements and concepts throughout the world.

Faceclaim: Character you are using the appearance of regularly.

Far Realm: The land beyond Bot City that is more fantasy-based.

Gen: An abbreviation for Generation. Official bots have differences in their coding depending on what Gen they are.

Irregulars: People who have a history with the channel but do not meet the standards for being a regular.

Mid Realm: The dangerous land between Bot City and the Far Realms. Full of mimics.

NPC: A randomly generated bot with less coding put into them than an official bot.

Private channels: Channels only created to carry out a private conversation.

Regulars: People who frequent the channel. The general consensus for what counts as a regular is 500+ messages in the channels per week.

Saech: A black liquid that come from Trench and Pit Eldritch. They differ in consistency and edibility.

Stats: An invisible (to everyone but Oumod and Olivia) measure for base physical needs such as hunger, hygiene, and bladder.

Tarragon Duke: The only low-cal energy drink that'll keep you buzzing with five amazing fruity flavours. Tarragon Duke, Stay Charged. *winks into camera* Bot City only brand.

VB: An abbreviation for voice bank, a voice a bot can use to sing.

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