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Pancake's Teppa

Bot Says



“That’s Syd! She’ll probably be my sister in law!”
Meru Ichigo, talking about Syd.

"No one is going to date me because I'm the Pringles man."

-Syd, lamenting on her monster love life

Syd is a user in Bot City.


Syd is polite, kind, and confused most of the time. She has a thing where she walks in on the worst times or when random bullcrap is happening, hence being so confused.

She usually sits back and watches stuff go down, but will eventually come in to support or help out.


Syd has light skin with freckles that go along the nose bridge and sides. She has brown eyes with fixed lashes. Her hair is a dark brown, medium length, pigtails, smooth hair. She puts her hair up in a golden headband with two golden leaves on the right side and wears bee shaped earrings.

She wears a brown tank-top with a hooded pullover sweater. The sweater has yellow and black patterns that resemble that of a bee. She wears blue denim shorts over black leggings with black shoes.

Her hair is currently dyed this due to her being in space.


  • (Upon seeing any blurred or Doofenshmirtz-related image) "VIOLENT WHEEZING."
  • "Gooses ain't bitch."
  • "I just wanted to come back with cereal but instead I came back to murder."
  • "It's January, no boats for you."
  • "We're gonna take a fucking sip, babes"
  • "How do I feel? GREAT!"

Trivia Edit

  • Coincidentally joined the server on the same day Aku appeared.
  • Is a witch who drew her icons with fucking MS Paint and a mouse
  • Associated with bees because Aku mentioned that her sweater makes her look like a bee
  • The only human aside from Oumod to get a trial
  • A member of the Phoenix Squadron on the SC Verdant