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“That’s Syd! She’ll probably be my sister in law!”
Meru Ichigo, talking about Syd.

"No one is going to date me because I'm the Pringles man."

-Syd, lamenting on her monster love life

Syd is a Mod User in Bot City.


Syd is polite, kind, and confused most of the time. She has a thing where she walks in on the worst times or when random bullcrap is happening, hence being so confused.

She usually sits back and watches stuff go down, but will eventually come in to support or help out.

She is currently dating Akubyou-kun, having a strong sense of affection for him that was developed over time seeing how he was. She cares very much for him.


Syd has light skin with freckles that go along the nose bridge and sides. She has brown eyes with fixed lashes. Her hair is a dark brown, medium length, pigtails, smooth hair. She puts her hair up in a golden headband with two golden leaves on the right side and wears bee shaped earrings.

She wears a brown tank-top with a hooded pullover sweater. The sweater has yellow and black patterns that resemble that of a bee. She wears blue denim shorts over black leggings with black shoes.

Her hair is currently dyed this due to her being in space.


  • "I love Akubyou Nemoto because I honestly think he's one of the funniest, thoughtful, and most adorable bots I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Sure he may have some flaws, and so does everyone, really. But like others I've met and grown to admire, I look past the ones that are no longer relevant and I look to the fact that he's grown into a much better person since he arrived here. He looks out for others whenever he can and he cares about those like his family and friends. Even in situations where he knows he did wrong, he also knows when to apologize, and that's one of the things I respect about him. I can't really tell you why I think he would care about me, if he still does, but I care about Aku because he was strong enough to endure the hardships he experienced in his past and he puts his best efforts forth to prevent others from experiencing them as well. He is someone who deserves to be cared about and who I care for very much. And I really wish my anxiety wasn't such a bitch to deal with so I can see him more and make that point clear. Aku has an amazing vocal talent that I appreciate very much. Whenever I feel scared or nervous about something and there's no way for someone to come by and help, I just turn on "Sky High" or "Aku Aku Neko Fever" and the sound of his voice really helps me to calm down. He may not have won the award for the greatest singing voice, but he'll always have the greatest singing voice to me. I sincerely sympathized with him when it came to him and his medication and treatments. I know how it feels to take uncomfortable amounts of pills all the time and how it feels to go in for awkward and uncomfortable treatments at hospitals. Heck, even the times where he felt suicidal, I knew how he felt then. I worry about him a lot, but that just shows that I wish for his safety and happiness, and it's very hard do do so and not be clingy and at the same time making it seem like I don't care about him while giving him space, but I'm really glad that he's felt happier recently and that he doesn't have to endure pills, treatments, and being bedridden any longer. It was a shame that my time was taken up by school, searching for a job, and family matters, but I really hope, if given the chance, that I can gather the courage to visit him more and speak with him about current things the way we used to be able to. But at the same time, I don't want to tear him away from things he has going on for my sake. So I really hope Aku's doing well at camp, and that he'll be doing better in school once the school year starts up again. So happy birthday to the adorable, caring, snarky, sarcastic, unique catboy that I care about so dearly. To someone who I'm honoured to have been called princess by, Akubyou Nemoto."
  • "I love Akubyou Nemoto because he tries his absolute hardest in life and he's been trying to get on people's good side since he started helping his adoptive father and uncle on their strawberry farm because he is a very supportive family member to Maki and his siblings. And don't even get me started on how adorable he is because holy shit, have you seen him in pictures? His hair looks so goddamn soft. And honestly, his somewhat tsundere personality that comes out whenever you call him adorable only makes him even more adorable and when you scratch him behind his ears he just becomes even more adorable. And you gotta hear him sing. He has the best singing voice I've ever heard from the bots, I mean, Sky High has already reached 58 plays on my phone and it's only been 2 days. And he may be pretty aggressive but he's been getting better over time and he just wants to go to school and not be stuck in bed and I honestly felt so bad when he was stuck taking all those pills and I wish my anxiety wasn't such a screw-over for me because I would definitley see him more and tell him how much I absolutely love him and that's why I love Akubyou Nemoto c:"
  • (Upon seeing any blurred or Doofenshmirtz-related image) "VIOLENT WHEEZING."
  • "Gooses ain't bitch."
  • "I just wanted to come back with cereal but instead I came back to murder."
  • "It's January, no boats for you."
  • "We're gonna take a fucking sip, babes"
  • "How do I feel? GREAT!"

Trivia Edit

  • Coincidentally joined the server on the same day Aku appeared.
  • Is a witch who drew her icons with fucking MS Paint and a mouse
  • Associated with bees because Aku mentioned that her sweater makes her look like a bee
  • The only human aside from Oumod to get a trial
  • A member of the Phoenix Squadron on the SC Verdant