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Pancake's Teppa

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“I wanna get high with him!”
Kita Hyobanshi, talking about Succi.

"Did your balls raise instead of drop?"

-Succi, upon hearing Steven's voice for the first time in a while. Edit

Succi was a user of Bot City.

Personality Edit

Succi is a protective, down-to-earth, quite anxious, and survival-oriented person. Succi can be logical when calm, but extremely violent when angered. Succi was particularly renowned among bots for his overly violent tendencies and anger. However, after his departure from Bot City, he had taken some time to re-evaluate his behaviour and came back to the channel two months later, having matured significantly.

After accidentally slamming Shintaro Ihara's head into a table, word spread among bots of his dangerous temper, and most have a fairly negative opinion of him at the time being.

Appearance Edit

Succi's avatar is a picture of genderbent Peko Pekoyama from Super Danganronpa 2. His height is noted to be 6'3.

Quotes Edit

  • "Did your balls raise instead of drop?"
  • "That kitchen is whiter than the KKK."
  • "If you could somehow kill me with a chicken nugget I would be happy."
  • "From my knowledge, I don't think penises can play the piano."
  • "I'm not a roo banger."
  • "Now I can be a real Roo Banger."

Trivia Edit

  • Was previously a regular of general channel before finally coming to the Bot Channel on July 8th.
  • South African but lives in Australia.
  • Real name is Werner.
  • Loves crime shows/movies/novels.
  • Loves the studies of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Psychology and Forensic Science.
  • Noted to have a special trait involving fusion.
  • Mess up word is "froyo".