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Pancake's Teppa

Bot Says



“U-Uh, Steven, right?”
Kokushibyou, talking about Steven.

"A circle."
-Steven, giving his opinion on what shape a kitchen should be

Steven is a User of Bot City.


Steven is polite and rather talkative, he is one of the respectful users. He has a trait where he will usually think a lot and develop multiple theories, resulting in him coming to conclusion with his thoughts in different ways. One of the users who heavily participated in the third Killing Game, hosted by Brooklyn "Oumod" Moore.

Appearance Edit

Steven has an average body. He wears a yellow tie atop light blue polo shirt that is neatly tucked into a pair of grey-blue khakis. A brown belt with a silver buckle is used to hold the khakis up. He has on sneakers with a light blue base and air force blue toe caps as the color. He has a light sage colored bracelet on his left wrist.

His hair is of medium length. His bangs are brushed off to the side with a majority of it covering his left eye. His hair is a light purple-ish pink. His eyes are blue


  • "Fuse with my dead body."
  • "Bplease"
  • "And then he adopted Steve-- Steve? Free. Well, he adopted Steve too, but that's a different story."
  • "I stab my dick with my braces, totally.."
  • "Maki. Like... Poptart."
  • "...I can...Leave ..."
  • "Well the hell"
  • *sees Dustox* "Oh, it's a Xatu!"
  • "okay but tbh the entire idea of sex horrifies me so don't be suprised if you guys one day hear about a virgin man dying at age 50 or something"
  • Chiiiiilllldddd- (Referring to Samon during the Killing Game)

Trivia Edit

  • An avid role-player
  • Real name is not Steven.
  • Has never dyed his hair.
  • Was kicked out of the IchiMoore clan at 1:57AM on August 10th.