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Pancake's Teppa

I didn't know we were stealing a TV! I would have brought the van!

Kanazane "Squirpo" Yuhara is the NPC who is the founder and owner of the pizza franchise Squirpo's Cheesehole. Bubbly, bright, and good-natured, Squirpo is well liked by everyone who meets him.

He is Rei's boss and seems to have a casual enough relationship with him and Kita to hang out with them outside of work.

Timeline Edit

At some point over 13 years ago, he was travelling alone. He came across Guutto Kibishiinami and the two became close friends. Guutto provided him with water to drink and Squirpo provided good company for Guutto. It was some time after Guutto was officially hired by him that Kaiyou decided to abandon Squirpo in the middle of the night.

Some time between then and arriving to the channel, he founded Squirpo's Cheesehole.

Trivia Edit

  • Arrived to the channel on April 30th.
  • Squirpo was an NPC created after the channel named one of Bot City's pizza places "Squirpo's Cheesehole."
  • He was originally described by Teppa as "Urogataya Magohachi-san. Pizza franchise owner. Age 33. A Previous master." while Guutto was listing out previous masters to Chiiba.
  • Really relishes his youthful appearance.