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Pancake's Teppa

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“Maki doesn’t like him.”
Itoramu Kagaku, talking about Sam.

"christmas was terrible and all i got was 50 bucks and a switch. how is everyone"
- Sam, being an entitled wank

Sam is a user in Bot City


Sam is relatively laid-back guy, no longer taking many, but not all things, in Bot City too seriously. Such careless attitude is a double-edged sword for him, as his wording was and still is often miscommunicated for something disrespectful, causing unneeded and silly discourse. However, he is still a well-liked member of the channel due to such a trait, allowing him to remain calm where most others would begin to stress.

He once dated Mylras, and after a particularly embarrassing incident for the humanoid dragon, she broke up with him. After the event, Sam remained without a crush for sometime before acquiring a mutual one with Kokushibyou, but the relationship was killed in the crib when Sam's carelessness led to Kokushibyou angrily tearing up a notebook belonging to Sam which contained sensitive information about the Eldritch boy. Sam also dated Yuz for a time, however due to mistakes being made on his behalf, Yuz left him.

He has been removed from the channel three times, always coming back with a different faceclaim. Though each and every time he broke the act of not being Sam, leading to him being kicked out. However Olivia changed this, and disallowed any and all bots from kicking Sam out of the channel ever again.


Sam's avatar is the character 707/Saeyoung Choi from Mystic Messenger.


  • "I'm a yiffer."
  • "Kindly fuck off with your yanky-danky wavy doda magic."
  • "Here comes Knuckles on my face."
  • "I'm not like most girls. I have a penis."
  • "Eat. Eat my little children so I can collect your poop."
  • "cheese with mozzarella."

Trivia Edit

  • A majority of the bots hate him.
  • Has the 69th and 100th deaths.