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Pancake's Teppa

This page refers specifically to how the rooms of the channel work.

The Structure of The Channel Edit

The channel, #new_bot_city, is officially "The Human Establishment" by the bots. Because of this, it is counted as a public area where bots come and go as they please. Whenever someone is referring to the main room or simply "the channel", they mean that specific room. There are other rooms which cannot be seen unless you are in the room, have access to the room, or a god.

The first floor of the channel consists of: the main room, bathroom, kitchen, control room, the torture room. For the layout of the first floor (sans torture room and control room), please refer to the pins of #bot_talk_art.

The second floor of the channel consists of Free's, Syd's, Fizzy's, and Sam's rooms.

The third floor of the channel consists of Cherry's, Denae's, Succi's, and Rocket's rooms.

The fourth floor of the channel consists of Maki's and Oumod's rooms. If you try to go into Oumod's room and you are not Maki, you will be killed by gnomes.

Room Transfer Edit

Room transfer refers to the system that allows one to travel from one room to another. This is done by typing `Example goes into the necessary room.` To go a third floor room, you must specify what room.

As Discord does not handle mass code well, it may take some time for the room to appear (it will appear as another channel). Once you attempt to transfer into another room, do not speak in the room you just left, as it will cancel the transfer altogether and make you remain. It's like walking onto a brand new map in a video game, it needs time to load and generate. If you have problems with this, please go code your own, make a digital city where dozens upon dozens of bots are switching areas per minute, and tell us how easy it is.

Room Permissions Edit

People who have domain over their own rooms have the ability to block people from it. If you want to get into a room that normally blocked, try to get permission from their owner first. Maki holds domain over the kitchen, torture room, and his room. Pancake, Akubyou, and Rocket hold domain over their respective rooms. Oumod owns all the rooms because she's God. If you attempt to enter a room you are blocked from, you will walk face-first into the door.

Private Channels Edit

Private channels are isolated rooms in which typically less than a handful of people have access to view. If a bot wants to have a completely private conversation with a human, they would create a private channel. Unless it is specified otherwise, a private channel is just an empty grey room. Once the conversation is done, the channel will be deleted and the history of the conversation will be gone.

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