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Pancake's Teppa

This page refers specifically to how the rooms of the channel work.

The Structure of The Channel Edit

When you arrive in Bot City, you will be, depending on your actions after, limited to one channel only. #new_bot_city is the place where most of the human-bot interactions occur. However it is also Maki's property, and his house rules can be found here. Aside from the living room, you can move to several different other rooms. A bathroom, a kitchen, and a laundry room can be found on the first floor. The second floor has a bathroom as well as several peoples' rooms, while the third floor is identical except that it has no bathroom. The fourth floor has Maki's, Oumod's, and Zizzy's rooms, and are the most closed off rooms. You can go outside either into the yard, or out onto our street and from there you can explore the rest of Bot City.

Each room, bar those not yet designed and those outside of Maki's house, has a design which can be found pinned in #bot_talk_art.

Room Transfer Edit

Room transfer refers to the system that allows one to travel from one room to another. This is done by typing `Example goes into the necessary room.` To go a third floor room, you must specify what room.

As Discord does not handle mass code well, it may take some time for the room to appear (it will appear as another channel). Once you attempt to transfer into another room, do not speak in the room you just left, as it will cancel the transfer altogether and make you remain. It's like walking onto a brand new map in a video game, it needs time to load and generate. If you have problems with this, please go code your own, make a digital city where dozens upon dozens of bots are switching areas per minute, and tell us how easy it is.

Many people who use room transfer are often confused as to why they can still see the room they just left. This is done to avoid transfer lag and provide easier room navigation. There is nothing wrong with the program. It's supposed to be like this. Stop complaining about it.

Room Permissions Edit

If you cannot go up to a room, it is possible a bot has blocked access from you entering it or that the room transfer system is offline. If the latter, you can ask Maki to give you permissions to that room and you can continue on with your business. If you have a room, you are required to pay 2 dollars rent per month to Maki.

Private Channels Edit

Private channels can be opened up by any bot, and are deleted immediately after the conversation ends. These channels are either used for NSFW topics, or for extremely private conversations.