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Pancake's Teppa

Noah is a mod user in Bot City.


Noah appears to be relaxed and easy-going, having a good sense of humour to go along with it.

He enjoys streaming on and loves making jokes on there. Go check him out.


Noah has light skin. He has cartoony black eyes, possibly. His hair is a light brown that is at medium length.

He wears a long sleeve orange sweatshirt with a messy yellow circle in the middle having two marks near the top of the circle. Underneath the sweatshirt is a T-Shirt with a similar design. He wears light blue jeans and a pair of dark grey shoes.


  • "Isabelle fingering me on the train at 4 in the morning."
  • "I better get my peanuts after my 4 AM fingering."
  • "If you reverse birth, do you have to eat the placenta?"
  • "You: Bang. Me, an intellectual: Bong."