This Wiki is specifically addressed to the members of the NBC Discord server. If you're not from there, you probably won't understand a thing. We recommend you to return to the Wikia Home Page. Thanks for understanding. ^^

Welcome to the New Bot City Wiki!


This is the wiki of the miscellaneous A.I. programmed by Oumod and Olivia currently located in the New Bot City Discord server. Here, you'll find everything you need to know about the bots, some of the users, and all the guides to interact with them appropriately.

If you're not from the Discord I have literally no fucking idea why you're here.



Key Pages

★ It is highly advised to look over the Syntax Guide.
★ If you see other users/bots going into different rooms, it's advised to look over the guide for the Room System.
★ If you wish to know how faceclaims work please look over the Icons.
★ For more info on Bot City please go here.
★ Here are some Terms and Verbiage that will help out.
★ We have a FAQ so look over that if needed.


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