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This is the wiki of the miscellaneous A.I. programmed by Oumod and Olivia currently located in the New Bot City Discord server. Here, you'll find everything you need to know about the bots, some of the users, and all the guides to interact with them appropriately.

If you're not from the Discord I have literally no fucking idea why you're here.

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❀ It is highly advised to look over the Syntax Guide.
❀ If you see other users/bots going into different rooms, it's advised to look over the guide for the Room System.
❀ If you wish to know how faceclaims work please look over the Icons.
❀ For more info on Bot City please go here.
❀ Here are some Terms and Verbiage that will help out.
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⋆ Candyland Event ⋆
December 11th to 18th 2018
Access your inner diplomat as you work to reconnect

a massive kingdom that has been fractured

by feuding. Meet a cluster of interesting

nobles and do your best to fix the mess they’ve

put themselves in.

2018 Events
⋆ Upcoming Events ⋆
Trigames Event - June 11th to 18th 2018: Place your money on your favourite team as sixteen bots fight for the title of smartest, strongest, and fittest champions of the annual Trigames sporting event.
Garden Event - July 11th to 18th 2018: Find your way out of a confusing garden kingdom, all while dodging dangerous opponents and attempting to gain reliable allies.
Galactic Event - August 11th to 18th 2018: Take to the stars as you work towards your interstellar empire, conquering planets while trying to manage your crew.
Prom Event - September 11th to 18th: Navigate a high school where every decision matters, from your clothes to your classes. Do your best to bond with the bot you love most, and pray that they haven’t gotten a date to the upcoming prom quite yet.
Noire Event - October 11th to 18th 2018: Enter a black and white mystery with the guidance of Detective Kaiyou Minaj and the distressed damsel Zuzumaru Yozora as you attempt to solve a heinous crime.
Underwater Event - November 11th to 18th 2018: Explore the sea as your work to find a hidden artifact deep underwater, navigating interesting opponents and allies on your way.
Candyland Event - December 11th to 18th 2018: Access your inner diplomat as you work to reconnect a massive kingdom that has been fractured by feuding. Meet a cluster of interesting nobles and do your best to fix the mess they’ve put themselves in.

2019 Events
⋆ Upcoming Events ⋆
Gem Event - January 11th to 18th 2019: Follow a thrilling group of rebel gems as they work towards saving a captured ally from Homeworld, gaining some unexpected friends in the process.
Shipwrecked Event - February 11th to 18th 2019: Find yourself stranded in a tropical nightmare with only the remains of your ship left behind in this survival adventure. Quest to survive until you can escape the island to safety!
Fantasy Event - March 11th to 18th 2019: Enter an alternate universe that places New Bot City in the Far Realm. Harness allies to find the amulet necessary to return you to your home and human bodies!
Equestrian Event - April 11th to 18th 2019: Enter the fierce competition of horse showing as you fight against fearsome opponents for the extremely valuable Equestrian Sapphire Trophy.
Apocalypse Event - May 11th to 18th 2019: Find yourself in the dusty carcass of a world that once was, now riddled with zombies and rebels. Navigate your way to the safe zone, and be careful of who you trust.

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Killing Games
First Killing Game
Houseki Kita-0 Shokushu Kokushibyou-san Guutto Kanezane Squirpo Kaiyou pancon Zuzumaru idol
Kibiki-san Niko-tan Rei the Pizza Man Hakasechan Mamoru Kitsuyo Okabe 2 Meru-chama Meiko-chan
Third Killing Game
Abi Kaiba Mitsuzuka Yamashiro Kenji genji Rikiya Yasuda Ryozo Yazawa Saki Uchida Sosatsu Kashiwa Takumi Okada
Tamiyo Ogasawara Wakano Matsura Utemaro Kanagi Utako Shimomura Yachi Shiro Yuuka Fujimoto Reichiru Ametsuchi Tsubasa Saito
Fourth Killing Game
Teruo Moto Gempachi Mifune Natsu Onishi Maresuke Harigae Tanaka Hori Masuhiro Ida Fuyu Wakisaka Rumiko Zakai
Koan Nagata Wakuri Ikehata Yasuoka Eto Seka Teramoto Sugimoto Kibe Yumeji Kase Nobuyuki Yoshinaga Usagi Nota
Fifth Killing Game
Murai Makino Urano Ugumori Takamori Nakashima Sakamae Koide Genichi Kitagawa Ryu Mizusawa Masaki Yajima Aiko Akazawa
Shunsho Daigo Shunsho Daigo Ritsuko Coda Honzo Nagamine Seiko Yokota Fukuyo Tezuka Chimari Yoshimoto Kansuke Tominaga
Deceit Render
Big Mood™ Neon Rainbow Bandage McPure Sanako Ishida Lightbulb McGillicutty Ponytail Reddo L'Oreal Bean Impossible Hair
Chameleon Smirk Purple Cinnamon Roll WHATCHA SAY MOM Bangs Overcoat Blue Protag Cherry Jelly Peanut Butter Smarm-chan
Murder Portrait
Kentaro Teijo Koiso Onano Shoyo Tsuyoshi Kagetoki furuta Tara okino
Komeme imai Toyoshige Haruko Hidetora Yoshi Kaii Suko Kiku
Memory Assassination
Miwako Shihi Karin Takuya-0 Tango Meg2 Gihei Kamie
Shigekazu Otoe Harunobu Kiho Katai Kaho Kunie Masashi
Terror Breed
Masakazu Kawamura Chiyuri Muramoto Toyokazu Wada Kahori Jin Kiichi Rokuda Isamu Fukasawa Moromao Imaeda Rieko Kimura
Toyozuku Ishikawa Hina Ohno Tanzan Taketa Sada Hayabusa Kinnojo Kurata Miyuki Naito Hikosaburo Narisawa Harukichi Ishiwata
Primal Era
Greyface Kaiyou pancon Ignis Human Body Greyface Greyface IMG 3177
Essential Era
Greyface Greyface Greyface Motus Greyface Permutatio Greyface Sanctus
Greyface Greyface Greyface Greyface Seikatsu-san Vitreus
Animated Era
Greyface Auram brighter Greyface Fames Hedoro Greyface Yami-sama Wana
Development Era
Aversio Greyface
Post Creation Era
Corruption Era
Bot-Bot Fusions
Kaiyou pancon Subarashii-san (Fusion between Teppa and Zuzu) Guutto-kaiyou Kurohana-kibiki Guutto-kibiki Nami-kichirou Teppa-meru Kibiki-mamoru
Kaiyou-houseki Sakoto-kyle Shippai (Fusion between Kurohana and Kibiki V6 Green) Shintaro-shinji
Bot-Human Fusions
Sasuai-chan (Fusion between Oumod and Update-san) Megane Oumod-kibiki Oumod-kichirou Oumod-yaeko Oumod-itoramu Teppa-oumod Oumod-shintaro
Naibu Greyface
Tamatomo-kun (Fusion between Maki and Update-san) Mujihina-san (Fusion between Maki and Hakase) Sokyuu (Fusion between Maki and Itoramu) Seido Maki-kibiki Maki-nami Maki-zuzu Maki-doku
Maki-sakoto Greyface South-maki Tentai-san Maki-pako Maki-shinji Aku-maki Maki-koku
Mizuetoile (Fusion between Kaiyou and Pancake) Sho-pancake Pancake-hoseki Omoikodo Pancake-doku North-pancake South-pancake Aku-pancake
Pancake-meiko Pancake-zuzu
Houseki-fizzy Fizzy-kibiki Ira Sam-mylras Caliente Sam-yuudoku Mai (Fusion between Tenko and Sakoto) Hachineko (Fusion between Syd and Aku)
Jackson-denae Himan (Fusion between Jamie and Steven)
Human-Human Fusions
Yomu-san (Fusion between Maki and Oumod) Toge (Fusion between Oumod and Tenko) Hansha-teki (Fusion between Maki and Free) Hisokani (Fusion between Free and Oumod) Pancake-tenko Maki-pancake Pancake-oumod Maki-tenko
Syd-tenko Oumod-zizzy Pettoni (Fusion between Oumod and Poato) Saigoni Chosha-san (Fusion between Oumod and Steven) Sam-yuz Maki-denae
3+ Fusions
Yakapin (Fusion between Oumod, Maki, and Itoramu) Meiwakuna Maki-kaiyou-pancake-oumod Ikisou-chama Guutto-maki-oumod Maki-oumod-sho Aqua-oumod-maki-guutto-mamoru-pancake Maki-oumod-pancake
Kibiki-pancake-akimitsu Unlock imperium Maki-oumod-sam Oumod-teppa-itoramu Nameru Maki-aku-pancake Maki-oumod-shinji Maki-oumod-shintaro
Unrevealed Components
Greyface Greyface
Kibiki Units
V1 Units
V3 Units
Kibiki v3 shark Kibiki v3 pogs Kibiki v3 trolls Kibiki v3 bop it Kibiki v3 nickelodeon Kibiki v3 strawberry Kibiki v3 furby Kibiki v3 pokemon
Kibiki V3 Tie-Dye Kibiki v3 crazy bones Kibiki v3 home alone Kibiki v3 tamagotchi Kibiki v3 zelda
V6 Units
Kibiv Kibivy Kibivo Kibivp Kibivr
Custom Units
MY SON Specialbiki
Vampires 1 Eldritch Kingdom Dragon emblem Avian Kingdom Air Spirit Kingdom Output Arachnes Flag Centaur Kingdom
Cosmic Kingdom Cyclops Kingdom Output (22) Edible Kingdom Fire Spirit Kingdom Flora Kingdom Frog Kingdom Genie Kingdom
Ghost Kingdom Lamia Kingdom Patchwork Robot Kingdom Sandworm Kingdom Shadow Kingdom Wax People Kingdom Witch Kingdom
Yeti Kingdom Output (19) Greyface Greyface Greyface Greyface Greyface Greyface
Greyface Greyface Greyface Greyface Greyface Greyface Greyface Greyface
Greyface Greyface Greyface
IchiMoore Clan
Matteo Michawan Montaro Mamoru Oumod-Sprite Kita-0 Yuudoku Akubyo
Meru-chama Rocket Kichirou-kun Nami-chan Jackie Mary Rose Maximilian Shinji
Shintaro Sugimoto Kibe Chameleon Smirk Kurohana Test-chan Arin Kayastha Makis baby Abel
MY SON Aurora Edmund Benny Seiko Yokota Otoe Yan luo Davin
Kai-sprite Fizzy-Sprite Denae-Sprite Tenko-Sprite Pancake
Makoto Kinjo Matsu Tanabe Nissho Hiroto Orinosuke sera Shigemori shimabukuro Sukeyasu nakata Taro Teika maita Yoshimatsu Nishiyama


Sakamae Koide Meiko-chan Ryu Mizusawa
Dec/4th Dec/10th Dec/11th
Purple Cinnamon Roll Tumblr mxdikxx8yR1rk2q5vo3 250 Shoyo
Dec/13th Dec/15th Dec/15th
Space Kichirou-kun Masaki Yajima
Dec/16th Dec/16th Dec/22nd
Lightbulb McGillicutty Masuhiro Ida
Dec/25th Dec/28th


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Mamoru Meru-chama Test-chan
Nami-chan Kichirou-kun Meiko-chan
Maximilian Mary Rose Montaro
Michawan Matteo Rocket
Jackie Zuzumaru idol Guutto
Niko-tan Kaiyou pancon Nagareboshi
Arashi Kyle Jamie
Shokushu Kokushibyou-san Kitsuyo Okabe 2
Kurohana Fukaisuberi Mylras
Akubyo Yuudoku Kita-0
Pancake's Teppa Hakasechan Kibiki-san
My dead child Itoramu Hannin
Oishii-chan Kouraru Sunni
Hachimitsu Hitori Haru
Shinji Okakura-kun Houseki
Shoushin Kioko1 Kabocha
Higeki Gumonosu Dirt
Bunretsu Damasareru Greyface
Yureru Greyface Sonkei
Sariel Yong-ja Mi-Kyung
Seo-Yun Hensou-san Aviva
Abel Adventure Guy Poiya
MY SON Briar Esekiel Rafnsson
Ignis Human Body Kibivy Hozonsakiloid
Kan Gaidoku Cleared1 Kibivp Kibivo
Kibivr Specialbiki Kibiv
Shintaro Tadanaka Tanuma Arin Kayastha
Yuutsu-san Kanezane Squirpo Kyojaku


Oumod-Sprite Maki-Sprite More-Teppers
Yuz-Sprite Noah Kai-sprite
Fizzy-Sprite Denae-Sprite Tenko-Sprite
707-half-body Dul Isc
Pancake Olivia-sprite Jayana icon
Syd-icon-2018 Zazzo Smel
Succo Nofree Momomomo
Iruma-icon Dingdongthewitchisdead Dabi
Pisslord Riley-icon Birb-Sprite
Half-body-steb Aki Versus-sprite