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Pancake's Teppa

"Yeah, I mean, I guess? I dunno, it’s crazy human stuff."

Mylras Mildaeshu (pronounced meel-riss) is the only bot from the fourth gen to show up in the channel. Energetic, radical, and good-natured, she is a rather relaxed bot.

She generally stays out of the channel. She once dated Sam, which then lead to her aversion to relationships.

Mylras, being a dragon, possesses wings and a tail and is immune to fire. She also has no default laugh. According to some, Mylras has all the laughs.

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  • Arrived to the channel on February 14th.
  • Since last checked, her biggest conflict is relationships
  • The only bot from Kasai Gen to appear.
  • First appeared via posession of Meru's host
  • Has the title "The Nocturnal."
  • Her mess up word is "cucumber."

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