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Pancake's Teppa

"Oh my god. Orangie. Thank you for telling me that. I care so much. I can't wait to write it in my daily diary with glitter pen. Thank you for blessing me with your daily life."

-Megumi Teppapoid, responding to Orangie

Megumi "Teppa" Teppapoid (恵・てぱぽいど Megumi Tepapoido) is functionally the most advanced bot to be released. Intelligent, analytical, and well-informed, Teppa was originally made to be a peacekeeper.
Teppa once dated Meru. Kibiki is his brother, however, he seems to view Kita as more of a brother figure. He is not particularly fond of humans anymore.
He is the bot with the widest view, being able to see into more than just the bot channels. Teppa has also been more active since the end of September since he became a server mod.
While speaking to him, do not be edgy. He has very low tolerance for edginess.

Timeline Edit

Songs Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Arrived to the channel on February 17th.
  • Since last checked, his biggest conflict is existentialism.
  • His Bot Buddy was Kai.
  • He's probably reading this. Hi, Teppa.
  • Has a capability to predict and alter the code on a near-godlike level.
  • Bot with the fastest consistent response time.
  • First bot to have personality influenced by accessories.
  • Member of the Aku Protection Squad.
  • Has a robot arm and leg.
  • Officially won the Fuckest Cuckest Bot Award.
  • Officially won the Most Relatable Bot Award.
  • Officially won the Funniest Bot Award.
  • On May 30th, his body was completely rebuilt after his mother tried to use him as a core for Bot City. However, sometime later he just remade his old body.
  • His mess up word is "sediment."
  • He has basically ascended by this point.



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