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Pancake's Teppa

Kokushibyou-san is sitting in the corner of the channel.

Kokushibyou "Koku" Sairen is the most infamous lurker of the channel. Quiet, fascinated, and trying his best, Koku was a royal guard for the Eldritch Kingdom. He has been slowly learning English since his arrival.

Any users or bots that try to touch the darker parts of Koku's skin will die as those parts of his skin are poisonous.

During the time that Koku was assigned to guard Kurohana, it was learned that Koku had a fanclub known as "Koku<3Love", one of the former(?) members of this fanclub being Shintaro.

He calls Shokushu-juu his "sensei." He once was a guard for Doukutsuruun and Kurohana. He once dated Niko and Kaiyou. He lurks the channel so he has seen a lot of the shit going on.

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  • Arrived to the channel on February 12th.
  • Since last checked, his conflict is self-worth.
  • His face tentacles are 2D.
  • He does not like being called a shota.
  • His mess up word is "drawing."

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