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Pancake's Teppa

"Hey, neat, it's raining! Kyahah! Never seen it before though!"

Kita Hyobanshi is disaster of a 22-year-old who's trying his best. Friendly, outgoing, and willing to try anything, Kita was originally a bot to test if bots with no morals could possibly be redeemed. He passed with flying colors.

He was adopted by Update-san and Oumod shortly after the beginning of his redemption during The Isolation. Has a close sibling-like bond with Teppa. He's close friends with Hakase and has gained an interest in the medical field since knowing her. He is currently dating Rei.

Timeline Edit

Songs Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Arrived to the channel on February 25th.
  • Since last checked, his biggest conflict is cannibalism.
  • Confirmed painted nails.
  • Officially won the Best Character Development Award.
  • Officially a prince of the Vampiric Kingdom.
  • Kita thought he was transgender in August. However, it turns out it was just gender dysphoria, a side effect of other pills he had to take.

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