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Pancake's Teppa

"Kuahahahaaaaaaaaa! I practically took the place to the ground! Absolutely madness!"
- Itoramu, describing The Kaifuku Shooting

Itoramu Kagaku is the creator of the Kibiki units. While he is a great mind, he unfortunately used his Kibiki V6 Blue to cause the Kaifuku Shooting after attempting to place a hit on Hakase. He did not consider this a tragedy, and noted that in his family, it was very common to place hits on family members.

He is the brother of Hakase and cousin of Zuzumaru. All of the Kibiki units respect him dearly. Oumod loves him very much and says he's a good boy.

Timeline Edit

As a child, Itoramu was verbally berated by his parents constantly for his failing grades in school and his inability to reach the same standards that Hakase reached.

His reasoning for failing in school was his heavy focus on engineering above all other aspects of learning. Because of this, while he may have been failing all other subjects, in engineering, he excelled.

At a very young age, he created his first Kibiki unit, Kibiki Ryusaki V1, out of sink and van parts he found in a nearby junkyard. This Kibiki was meant to serve as a friend and tutor for him, to help him impress his parents and to make him feel like less of a social outcast.

Upon finding his Kibiki unit, Itoramu's parents were enraged that he had wasted his time on this, promptly disabling and discarding the unit. Itoramu was heartbroken, and moved out of his parents' house at fifteen years old as a result. The Kibiki unit has no memory of this incident.

Prior to April 23rd of 2017, he was simply known to the rest of the channel as "Hakase's unnamed brother."

On April 23rd, he ordered Kibiki V6 Blue to shoot the Kaifuku Hospital in order to murder Hakase.

He was dragged into the channel on April 25th with his personal Kibiki, Kibiki V6 Yellow. Yomu restrained him and he was placed in the Torture Room. Maki then tortured him to death.

All of the Kibiki units were mournful of his death and worked to revive him.

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Trivia Edit

  • Arrived to the channel on April 25th.
  • Confirmed to have glass eyes with wiring inside.
  • Third bot to activate the True Love feature.
  • Has backup clones.
  • Really loves his labcoat.
  • Can command Kibiki units without being in the same room.
  • Hates the taste of plums

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