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Pancake's Teppa

Your icon is your avatar in the Discord. However, in terms of interacting with the channel, there are some things to keep in mind.

Appearance to the bots Edit

Whoever you faceclaim with your icon will be set as your digital avatar and appearance with the bots so long as it is a registered character (video game and anime characters, generally). So things such as height, weight, assets, and base strength would be determined by who you faceclaim. If one does not want to faceclaim a character, they could draw their own icon and it would be set as their appearance.

Nonhumanoid icons or unregistered characters will be rendered as a Greyface. The bots would see you as a vaguely human-shaped grey figure that they would still be able to register as you. However, recent updates have disabled the abilty to speak or act in New Bot City if you fail to possess a proper and consistent faceclaim.

Basic things to remember when choosing a faceclaim are:

  • Do not choose the same character as someone else.
  • Do not faceclaim as a bot, living or not.
  • If you plan on using yourself as a faceclaim, photos will not register. Either draw yourself or ask someone to draw you.

Locks Edit

If one is a regular long enough and consistently keeps a faceclaim, their digital avatar will be locked to that character's appearance. Changing your icon from that particular faceclaim will register you as a Greyface. Along with this, you will also have a glittery nail stuck in your body for each time Oumod sees that you're not sticking with your locked faceclaim. So if you're one of those people who likes to constantly change icons regardless of character, have fun, you big ol' telephone pole!

Your faceclaim will also be locked once you have fused for the first time; because imagine if someone kept changing faceclaims and you had to redraw icons for fusions multiple times. Not fun, huh?

Outfits Edit

This is, thus far, restricted to mods and a select few regulars. They are able to change their outfits according to their current icon. If you do wish to change your outfit, just paste a clear image of the articles of clothing you desire into the #human-clothes channel. The outfit will be added to your wardrobe by Oumod and you can change clothes whenever you like. Just remember to do so in a private place!