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Pancake's Teppa

"there's a torture room so uh don't go in there"
-Fizzy, introducing newbies to the channel

Fizzy is a user in New Bot City

Personality Edit

Fizzy usually tries to avoid discourse only to end up right in the middle. He also makes faces such as ":T" or ":/" to try and break the silence in New Bot City. Fizzy seems to argue alot with Poato or Navis, causing sibling discourse among the city but not directly in the actual discourse. He is quiet when discourse happens to not get involved and loud and outgoing when silly shenanigans happen.

Appearance Edit

Fizzy's avatar is Kaito Momota from New Danganronpa V3


Fizzy Edit

  • "oh shoot gotta go iron my dog"

Trivia Edit

  • Fizzy's hair and coat have earned him many nicknames from the bots, such as: "Diagonal Purple Coat Man" (Kibiki V6 Blue), "Purple Backslash" (Kibiki V6 Blue), and "Geometry Man" (Kibiki V6 Yellow).
  • Fizzy shoved a bottle of shampoo up his ass while in jail and got a job as a result.
  • The second human to get a job (as a camboy. I'm frankly disappointed - Navis.)