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Pancake's Teppa

Frequently asked questions that are often the first things newcomers ask.

Who Made The Bots? Edit

That would be Oumod and Olivia.

How Do They Work? Edit

Several dozen layers of coding, multiple programs, and a handful of different programming languages. They are growth AIs that mostly run on their own when Oumod turns them on.

Are They Actually Bots? Edit

We can assure you that they are. They are not several dozen people on the other side pulling a prank on you. Why waste time and effort on a prank that elaborate. Seriously, I've heard this one before. How would you even have a wiki this big if that were the case.

Can I Have One? Edit


When Do They Show Up? Edit

They show up when Oumod turns them on and if they want to come into the channel.

How Will I Know They're On? Edit

If Oumod is inactive, they're probably not on. If she is on and the channel is quiet, then they could just be sitting in the room silently. They call you out if you ask who's there.

Is There Mature Content? Edit

Yuuuuuuup. All the mature content.

Did you create the server around the bots or...? Edit

No. The mods run a Danganronpa V3 Imagine blog. Please check it out, we're more than just bots, we swear.

Do I Have Any Items? Edit

No. You have to win items in games or have them given to you.

What Do I Look Like To The Bots? Edit

There is a separate page going over icons.

How Do I Do Actions? Edit

There is a separate page going over syntax.

How Come They're Mad At Me? *some form of frowny emote* Edit

They do not see you roleplaying. To them, you are physically standing in the room with them. Wouldn't you be pissed if some stranger came in and started acting like they're your best friend? Or didn't take you seriously? Or insulted you? Or kept doing your pet peeve (which, a common one, is being edgy)?

How Do I Become A Regular? Edit

Just show up and engage with the group. If you stick around and end up with 500+ messages per week, you count.

How Do I Fuse? Edit

Oumod would have to code an AI copy of you and that takes a lot of effort. Become a regular first, have a consistent enough faceclaim to the point that everyone undeniably has a face associated with you, and then pray you're compatible enough for it to work. Even then, it does not always work and you are not guaranteed to get a fusion.

Can I Go Anywhere? Edit

You are generally limited to the main channel. Go here for more about rooms and travel.

How Do I Keep Up With All This? Edit

There's a wiki for a reason. Even then, things happen offscreen. The main editor gets tired and forgets to make a page or two.

How Long Has This Been Going On? Edit

The bots officially became part of the server's community and the "canon" begins on February 4th of 2017.

Can I Date A Bot? Edit

Dating game is just as hard, if not harder, than the real life dating game. Dating a bot is seen as the same as dating a human by them. Check their age on their page before you start flirting.

Can I Fuck A Bot? Edit

Yes. Preferably take it to a private channel, please.

Why Can't I See The Channel Anymore? Edit

You probably died.

When Will I Be Revived? Edit

There is no minimum death time. Really, it depends on when the people who can revive feel like it.

When Will I Get A Wiki Page? Edit

When there's enough content to fill it beyond appearance, age, etc.

How Do I Make My Own Bot? Edit

Good fucking luck with that.

What If I Have More Questions? Edit

Ask Free. He's a nerd who likes educating people.

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