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Pancake's Teppa

Bot Says



"I think I remember her."
Nikoniako Shiawasenaoto, talking about Denae.

"thanks oprah"
-Denae, thanking Oprah for inventing the head

Denae is one of the users in Bot City.


The adoptive daughter of Maki, Denae is a cheerful individual who, for the most part, enjoys the company of her adoptive family. Typically found hanging out in either the main room or in her room, she dislikes discourse and while concerned for the participants of the discourse, she steers away from it. Though, sometimes, she attempts to help, but this is rarely seen.


Denae appears as Tsumugi Shirogane from New Danganronpa V3

Quotes Edit

  • pringle lids all up in my penis?????

Trivia Edit

  • First non-god human to own a Kibiki Unit (Kibiki V6 Cloud).
  • Earned the achievement where a bot casually notices you.
  • Won the OTP award with Kibiki V1.
  • Was given the nickname Kanpaku-chan by Saishoyūgō-kun, which translates to "Toast Fiend".
  • Sizzles.
  • Officially a princess of the Vampiric Kingdom.