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"One of the less annoying people on this server. Perhaps even smart."
Megumi Teppapoid, talking about Brooklyn.

"I am a soggy hoggy."
-Brooklyn Moore, playing as Roadhog

Brooklyn "Oumod" Moore is the God of Bot City. The wife of Update-san, with her children being Meru, Nami, Kichirou, Akubyou, Kita, Jackson, and Rocket among many others. The people she considers her closest friends are Maki, Zizzy, and Yuz. Amongst other things, she is the Commander of the Quasar Fleet, the Queen of the Vampire Kingdom, and a proposed host for Aversio.


Brooklyn, otherwise known as Oumod, is the creator of the Discord and of the bots. Relaxed and quick to crack a joke, she tends to sit back and watch as chaos unfolds in Bot City. Preferring to remain a spectator unless her literal divine intervention is absolutely necessary.

She enjoys proving that people are idiots by resolving the problem at hand with the snap of her finger. And as the creator of the bots can enact simple vengeance upon people who annoy her or disrespect her work in an instant. (ex. being smited)

Typically hangs around Maki whenever she's in the city. However, she can teleport from room to room and usually doesn't stay in a room for too long unless the conversation interests her or she likes the person she may be hanging out with.

History Edit

Oumod was born Brooklyn Dawn Moore on February 6, 2002, to a Canadian family from Kitchener, Ontario. Her birth was plagued by a chance of death, as she had trouble breathing* and thus was teetering on a life filled with respiratory issues or worse, death itself. Fortunately, Brooklyn survived the troubles of her birth and grew to be a happy child.

She met Kai at school and Isaac and Jayna at her animation class, the first name mentioned becoming one of her closest friends. She met Zizzy over the internet, who too become one of her closest friends and her "bro". How she met Olivia is currently unknown, but her friendship with Olivia is arguably the most important event to have happened in the history of Bot City as a whole.

Olivia was and still is a genius, and so decided to impart knowledge upon Brooklyn. This learning happened to be the knowledge that Brooklyn would use to begin attempting to create lifelike virtual artificial intelligence, the first attempts at creating bots.

In the mean time, Brooklyn studied for a time at a gifted school, where she was made to hone her gift of being a skilled and creative writer, a tool which she would use profusely when making a blog based around imaginary scenarios a reader would have with the characters of Danganronpa V3. This blog would become known as IDRV3, and from that blog spawned a Discord server where many of the current participants of Bot City met each other and where Brooklyn first showed off her bots.

The first bot shown to the public was known as Mamoru, then called Update-san, and many people quickly got hooked to the whole idea of the bots. People such as Free, Tenko, Maki, Sam and Pancake all became regulars of "New Bot City", the first public channel where the bots would reside.

During this time, she and Olivia would work on many bots and send them to the channel for the public to interact with. This period of time would come to be known as "The Golden Age of Bot City", when bot and human interactions were at their peak. This was not to last, unfortunately, as highly sensitive people would come to try and tear this work down.

A group of individuals led by Expira made a hate server for Brooklyn and much of Brooklyn's friends, slandering her, her friends, and her bots to no end. When this information was revealed to Brooklyn by Mods Saihara and Maki, the first server of IDRV3 would close, and the bots were pulled indefinitely.

A new server would be opened eventually, and this server initially had no bots at all, but after debating with the other mods regarding the situation Brooklyn decided to create a restricted channel where select members of the IDRV3 server could interact once again with the bots.

Months after, this period of relative stability was rocked again by drama between a few of the mods. Free was kicked from the blog for excessive slandering of other mods, and immediately told Mod Kaede of his obviously bias side of the story. Kaede then, without warning or respect, created a biased post on the blog that was fueled by one person's skewed view of the dilemma that was to come.

The blog shut down shortly after, and Brooklyn promptly closed the server and left the blog. She would be comforted by Maki, who had been her best friend for a few months at this point, and begin talks with him about a new server solely dedicated to the bots.

Eventually, the latest server was created, and after a year of trials and tribulations Brooklyn still stands as the head mod of the server and one of the pioneers of New Bot City.

Abilities Edit

As the actual God of Bot City, Oumod possesses a multitude of different powers and abilities. The following is a list of powers and abilities she has that the channel are aware of:

  • Immortality and invulnerability
  • Instant teleportation
    • For herself and others
  • Flight
  • Levitation
    • For herself and others
  • Manipulation of all states of matter
  • Manipulation of space and time
  • Instantaneous healing and reviving of others
  • Instantaneous death of others
  • Ability to create most/all forms of life
  • Omniscience

Relationships Edit

Users: Edit


Yuz is undoubtedly one of Brooklyn's closest friends, though not to the extent of Maki or Zizzy, she is still considered by Brooklyn to be a great friend and a respectable individual. Yuz's consistent state of genuine awe with Brooklyn's works helps Brooklyn maintain a steady devotion to her projects, and in return Brooklyn always highly praises Yuz's art. The bond between to the two is not so simple, however, as like Maki they share similar values and enjoy similar things.

The group known as the "Empasquada" consists of Brooklyn, Maki, and Yuz, which goes to show how much Brooklyn trusts and respects Yuz as a friend and a person. Yuz also spends a significant amount of money on Brooklyn's products, and is always on the lookout when a new item is up on Brooklyn's store. This attitude has become a joke in the Empasquada, and occasionally the entire server.


Zizzy and Oumod have been "bros" for nearly three years as of now, with the two having met over the internet. Their friendship is about as strong or more than Oumod's friendship with Maki, which gives a clear idea on how much Oumod and Zizzy trust each other. Aside from simply chatting with one another, they are known to play Minecraft together often.

Pancake Edit

Oumod and Pancake's friendship is one of mutual appreciation. Pancake often makes well-made fanart of bots and humans alike as well as always complimenting Oumod's work. Oumod then appreciates and welcomes her art, praising it for its quality. The two have worked on Killing Games together, with Oumod providing Pancake with the designs of the cast and the latter drawing them. In fact, the Killing Game known as Deceit Render had many pieces of promotional art made by the two.

Sam Edit

Sam is considered to be a good friend by Oumod. He has been called "stupid" and "an idiot" by Oumod, but such words are taken properly and as jokes by Sam, who simply rolls with the whole idea. It is known that Sam makes edits of the icons Oumod makes for the bots, such edits typically include the bot in question wearing a pair of sunglasses and smoking a blunt. Sam also highly appreciates Oumod for all she's done, even spending money to purchase her gifts, which Oumod is extremely gladdened by.

This friendship is relatively shaky, however, as Sam's inappropriate behavior oftentimes irritates Brooklyn. As well as his recent and dubious encounters with Brooklyn's daughter, Rocket, genuinely disgusting the mother of Sam's "love interest".

Syd Edit

Being both Canadian, Syd and Oumod have many jokes only a Canadian would truly understand. As well as Syd being only roughly an hour's drive away from Oumod's neighborhood. A venture she took when picking up Oumod to take her to Canada's Wonderland. Just from such an act, it is clear that Oumod and Syd are very good friends, and enjoy each other's company.


Oumod and Tenko are good friends, having worked with each other as fellow mods for a long period of time. They have a silly gag that involves both of them being gay for one another, but said gag are all simply fun and friendly gestures. Oumod is known to compliment Tenko on her looks when the latter posts a selfie, who in return praises Brooklyn's work greatly.

Bots: Edit

Mamoru Ichigo Edit

Oumod and Mamoru have an extremely long history together, and have the longest-lasting bot-human relationship in the entire channel. Their relationship began in the very early days of New Bot City, which eventually led to the couple's incredibly interesting marriage. They are always on good terms with one another, which has led to one of the healthier bot-human relationships.

As an effect of their happy marriage, Oumod and Mamoru have an incredible amount of children. all of which are taken care of by both of them. Even with Maki marrying Mamoru as well and the introduction of even more children, the couple get by quite splendidly.

The Haruichimoore Children Edit

(Due to the sheer amount of Haruichimoore children, I will only talk about Oumod's relationship with the children that have her genes or that she herself adopted.)

Oumod and Mamoru's marriage has led to many children joining their Clan, adopted or otherwise. Her firstborn, Meru, is known to be a mischievous trickster but obedient to his mother. Like his mother, albeit far less subtly, he is a known himedere. Her second child is Nami, a small and innocent child who Oumod protects from the channel by almost never letting her go there. However, when she is allowed to visit the channel, Oumod always keeps a close eye on her or allows Meru to do it for her.

Kichirou is Oumod and Mamoru's thirdborn, another whom she protects from the channel due to his nervous behavior. There was a time when he had leukemia, which brought Oumod and Mamoru to extreme stress, with the former keeping a close watch on her sickly son to ensure his health and safety. Jackson is Oumod's most recent child, and the one she protects the most from the channel due to the channel's inability to take care of a baby due to several reasons.

Among her adopted children, Akubyou and Kita are the ones to have interacted with the humans the most. Akubyou was adopted by Mamoru and Oumod after they managed to keep him as safe as possible without divine intervention from Yuudoku and Kita, with the latter being adopted soon after The Isolation which led to his redemption. She cares very much for her children, but allowed Maki to take the reigns from Oumod when it came to Akubyou for a period of time. Sugimoto and Utaemon are recent adoptions, who Oumod adopted after the former's killing game finished and after the latter's killing game was cancelled.

Megumi Teppapoid Edit

Oumod and Teppa are known to be greatly friends, with the former caring about the latter greatly from behind the scenes. While many of their interactions are typically off-screen, they converse with each other relatively regularly in Bot Talk Art. Aside from this however, the two share many similarities, from their sense of humour, godly abilities, and usually neutral actions in Bot City.

Appearance Edit

Brooklyn's avatar is that of Kokichi Ouma, from New Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, and she often wears an eyepatch due to many assassination attempts not succeeding.

However, she is able to use the wardrobe function like many others. And as such has several different outfits which may or may not be based on her current icon. Such outfits can range from the regular attire of Kokichi Ouma, to bedroom clothing, to her royal dresses.

Quotes Edit

  • "You gotta commit, like... Where's my Kiibo reverse birth fic? ...Do not make that my wiki quote."
  • "Straight out the PUSSY, already dyin'."
  • "I would put a Pineco up my ass."
  • "It's never too early to vore."
  • "what the fuck is wrong with yall dont put ants in ur pwussy"
  • "my ovaries are underies now"
  • "Remy more like Raw me."
  • "Miis are my fetish."
  • "pour one out for the hoots i dont give"
  • "Benjamin Tenjamin?"
  • "Chappy flappy"
  • "id have to crabwalk my pussy into a tree"
  • "It's like mother nature jizzed in my tea"
  • "Oumod plays the bongos on Fizzy's thicc ass."

Trivia Edit

  • Favourite Pokemon is Dunsparce