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Pancake's Teppa
Bot city

The original joke that sparked what would soon become Bot City.

Bot City is the name of the main city where majority of the bots live. This is not to be confused with the channel, #new_bot_city, which is presently a house within Bot City.

Bot City Map

Original Map of Bot City

Initially, Bot City was a joke in reference to the increasing number of bots in the channel (at the time, it was at most 6-9). However, Oumod soon made a digital city just outside of the channel where the bots went about their daily lives. In its early days, it was simply an empty city where the official bots had to occasionally fill in the roles later filled by NPCs. Compared to modern day Bot City, it's a dynamic change, isn't it?

Several traits of our realm and Bot City share similarities, such as pop culture and weather (as the weather was synchronized with Oumod's weather). However, due to developments from the populace of Bot City, there are several differences between our realm and the "canon" of Bot City. Examples include influences from elementals, technology, brands created by bots, fashion trends (the gradient hair trend), memes (teet), ideology (the Cult, the knowledge that their god is a "reverse trap-shota"), bot celebrities (including official bots), and so on. Like most cities, Bot City is teeming with different walks of life and social circles.

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