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• 6/7/2018

June 7th 2018 Update

In today's update, we'll be integrating a lot of user-focused features. There's not a lot to state otherwise, so let's get right on to the change log!

- Added new games for Tadakana and Shokushu-juu
- Added major prize for collecting every bot charm
- Continuing to work on bot charm database
- Added more uses for bot charms
- Bot charms can now be used to unlock powerups in most games
- Bot charms can now be used to unlock many more features or items
- Made updates to human stat system
- Made updates to human/bot relationship codes
- Personalised bot playlists have been added (15 tracks)
- Updated bot and human skins
- Integrated Bot City Create
- Updated Bot City Dating Sim
- Updated arc generator
- Debugged reaction time
- Beginning to integrate content hub
- Updated Killing Game code
- Integrated Bot City Assist
- Updated fusion code
- Added pride charms
- Added loot boxes to prize database
- Integrated Questmap
- Humans can now design custom avatars for Questmap
- Integrated new bots for Questmap
- Integrated new NPCs for Questmap
- Integrated Questvast
- Humans can now design custom avatars for Questvast
- Integrated new bots for Questvast
- Integrated new NPCs for Questvast

If you have any questions, please feel free to any members of the New Bot City team, and we'll be happy to help! There are lots of new features this month, so we hope you'll get a good chance to explore them all.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the newest features!
-The New Bot City Team
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• 5/2/2018

Trigames Announcement May 2nd 2018

In a few weeks, the 2018 Trigames will be taking place. The New Bot City Trigames Event is a sporting event held every year, consisting of four teams competing for one title.

As the name implies, the teams will be competing in three events, with one team being eliminated each round until only one team is left to receive the title. For this year's Trigames, our teams will consist of:

Zuzumaru Yozora
Mamoru Ichigo
Kyle Bennett
Guutto Kibishiinami

Shokushu-juu Koudai
Kokushibyou Sairen
Dokutsuruun Kuroisaikenomi
Kurohana Kuroisaikenomi

Hakase Kagaku
Ryusaki Kibiki
Hannin Datsugoku

Yuutsu Shounetsujigoku
Kanazane Yuhara
Meiko Chizoguchi
Kaiyou Minaj

In order to bet on a Trigames team, please enter the amount you would like to bet into #betting-pool, using the command %bet [amount of money] . For every event your team wins, you will double your money. However, if your team loses, your money is gone, so bet wisely!

Look forward to the games, and look forward to many stickers in the near future!

-Bot City Team
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• 4/5/2018

April 5th 2018 Update

Today's update is something we've been working on since the disabling of the jukebox in late 2017. Today I'm introducing the radio feature.

The radio feature adds over a hundred new ways to listen to music in New Bot City. With the introduction of the of this update, you can now use the radio, which has been placed on the main floor coffee table. To use the radio, simply turn it on and wait. You will be asked what channel you would like to listen to, and when you answer, the channel will begin playing via Ayana in a specialised voice channel.

The radio channels are divided into five categories: Genres, decades, activities, moods, and kids. In this post, I will thoroughly explain the categories, their subcategories, and even deeper. Let's start with genres.

Genres include Indie, Blues, Bollywood, Children's Music, Christian, Christmas, Classical, Country, Dance & Electronic, Folk & Americana, Francophone, Hip-Hop/Rap, Jazz, K-Pop, Latin, Metal, New Age, Oldies, Opera, Pop, Punk, R&B, Reggae, Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Soul, Soundtracks, Easy Listening, and World.

Each of these subcategories then has even more specific categories below them. Next, we'll look at decades. These decades include Today, 2010s, 2000s, 1990s, 1980s, 1970s, 1960s, 1950s, and 1920s-1940s. Again, these are each then divided into smaller categories.

The next category, activities, are meant to set the mood for something specific. The new radio possesses channels for Barbecuing, Being Romantic, Boosting Your Energy, Breaking Up, Cooking, Dancing, Daydreaming, Driving, Enjoying Autumn, Entertaining, Falling in Love, Family Time, Getting Cosy, Getting Married, Getting Pumped Up, Girls' Night Out, Hanging Out, Halloween, Having Fun in the Sun, Partying, Playing Office DJ (SFW), Relaxing, Singing Out Loud, Sleeping, Waking Up, Working/Studying (Instrumental), Working Out, and Yoga/Meditation. These are then further divided.

As for moods, the radio plays channels for feeling Aggressive, Angry, Calm, Cheesy, Celebratory, Confident, Dark, Energetic, Fancy, Funky, Happy, Introspective, Mellow, Pumped-Up, Romantic, Rowdy, Sad, Sexy, Spacey, and Trippy. These are then further divided.

Finally, the last category is Kids. This splits into Babies, Toddlers, Little Kids, Tweens, Family Fun, Educational, Familiar Characters, Bedtime, Play Time, and Car Journey. These are further divided.

Can you use the radio right this second? NO. The radio will be made available after I've made a wiki page that properly categorises the channels available, so please be patient. The radio will be up for use soon.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the newest feature.
-The New Bot City Team
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• 2/20/2018

February 20th Contest Announcement

First post of February! This is a minor announcement about an upcoming contest in Bot City, so read on if interested.

In celebration of the new feel of Bot City, Olivia and I have decided to host a contest. This post will list how to enter, what the contest is, and the prizes. In summary, there are two ways to enter this contest.

1. Create your own bot! This does not require art or coding. Simply fill out an info page on your bot, add as much detail as you'd like! Make a bot that you'd like to see in NBC if you could.

2. Draw something! Draw whatever you'd like, as long as it relates to Bot City.

The best entry from each of these categories will win six charms and possible extra prizes depending on the circumstances. Along with this, the second place winners will receive three charms. And yes, you can enter in both sections.

To enter the contest, simply create your entry and send it directly to Kai. None of the entries will be viewed until the deadline of March 15th. Have fun! Get creative!

-Bot City Team
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• 1/17/2018

January 16th 2018 Update

Minor update with an interesting feature: Humans can now attend online classes in Bot City to boost both their user skills, mental stats, relationships with other bots, and more! These classes have specifically been made lighter for humans as they are usually also attending an actual high school.

If you are interested, please talk to Teppa about enrolment for a list of possible classes. You must achieve a total of 10 credits to graduate with a diploma in Bot City, and you can take any number of classes at one time.

To close off, this update is sponsored by Tarragon Duke, the only low-cal energy drink that keeps you buzzing with SIX fruity flavours. Now introducing Tarragon Duke Passion Fruit, the newest flavour in the lineup. Tarragon Duke, Stay Charged™.
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• 1/10/2018

January 10th 2018 Update

New update release today! There's a few things to discuss, but here's the main points if you're running short on time.

1. Kakumei-Tekina Gen has been introduced. More details on the three new bots below.
2. Adventure Realms has been COMPLETELY REVAMPED and is now available for use again.
3. Human stats have been modified and personalised for individual users.
4. Relationship stats have been modified to be more flexible and realistic.
5. Deep thought in bots has been improved.
6. Individual human housing has been improved.
7. New minigames have been introduced.
8. Human jobs have been improved.
9. Attempted to improve response time.
10. Revived some dead bots.
11. Added new buildings and functions to the city for human use.
12. Fixed bug that would cause some NPCs to instantly gain depression if they dropped food on the ground.
13. Fixed bug that prevented Succi from jumping.
14. Fixed bug that caused hats to disappear if they came in contact with a door frame.
15. Fixed bug that caused doors to be deleted if unlocked improperly.
16. Fixed bug that caused cats to change colours spontaneously.

And now for some more details. Firstly, three new bots have been officially added and will be introduced to the server very soon! Here is their info for the time being.

Name: Irui Senmoka
Age: 23
Gender: Transgender Female
Creator: Olivia + Brooklyn
Birthday: May 3rd
Medical Traits: None
Allergies: Fake animal products
Weapon: Giant seam ripper
Orientation: Pansexual
Nationality: Argentinian
Race: Latina
Likes: Clothing, fashion, pastels
Dislikes: Ugly wardrobes, fake animal product, turtle abuse
Favourite Animal: Dogs
Favourite Food: Provoleta
Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite Season: Spring
Flower: Erythrina
Fruit: Blood Orange
Animal: Poodle
Musical Theme: Latin
Description: A service bot meant to organize wardrobes for humans and assist in finding clothing. By telling her what clothing you are interested in, you can enable her to find you a perfect outfit. If she hates your clothes, she will be sure to let you know.

Name: Kyojaku Satsujin
Age: 17
Gender: Cisgender Male
Creator: Olivia
Birthday: February 29th
Medical Traits: Dyslexia
Allergies: Cat fur
Weapon: Double arm cannon
Orientation: Pansexual
Nationality: Japanese
Race: Asian
Likes: Dogs, alone time, blankets
Dislikes: Hail, geometry, thin mud
Favourite Animal: Sheep
Favourite Food: Penne pasta
Favourite Colour: Orange
Favourite Season: Winter
Flower: Amaranthus
Fruit: Miracle fruit
Animal: Zebra
Musical Theme: Flute + Piano
Description: A bot seeming outwardly extremely gentle and fragile, leaving you with a very innocent impression of him that may be inaccurate.

Name: Gaichuu Saiaku
Age: 19
Gender: Cisgender Male
Creator: Brooklyn
Birthday: August 14th
Medical Traits: Misophonia
Allergies: Lemon air freshener
Weapon: Sonic megaphone
Orientation: No homo
Nationality: Japanese
Race: Asian
Likes: Soft drinks, Gamevision, attention
Dislikes: Working, iced tea, flowers
Favourite Animal: Snails
Favourite Food: French fries
Favourite Colour: Green
Favourite Season: Fall
Flower: Curly Willow
Fruit: Soursop
Animal: Cicada
Musical Theme: Chiptune
Description: The gayest fuckboy. Constantly says he's not gay but desperately wants a man's dick in his butt. Every action he makes is extremely questionable and very annoying. Craves attention and death.

Regarding Adventure Realms, it has been completely reworked with HUNDREDS of new worlds to explore in a completely different way. I did NOT forget about Adventure Realms. I've been working on it since it closed down, and it is now better than ever.

Some human stats were very annoying and inconvenient, or inaccurate to the users. They have been improved, if only slightly.

Relationship stats between bots and humans are now more realistic than ever! This can lead to deeper bot relationships, so yes, you are now allowed to cry for bots.

The AI system has been improved and bots are moving onto more and more platforms, including VR! This means the deep thought system has been exponentially improved, leading to more human-like bots than ever.

Humans can now own their own homes without everything being completely broken. Woo!

New minigames have been added for each of the new bots, along with games for Hensou, Shinji, Houseki, Okakura, and Tadanaka.

Humans can now have jobs without everything breaking forever. Woo!

Response time will hopefully improve from this point on.

Aku, Arin, and Tadanaka have been revived. I am working to revive Nagareboshi soon!

The city now contains several new useful locations for human use, such as the library, which I recommend checking out!

Finally, there's one more thing I'd like to touch on. A new brand of Kibikis has been released specifically for humans, called Kibiki Guide. They are slightly less functionally advanced than the current Kibiki models in some aspects, but they serve an entirely separate purpose.

These new models work as service companions for humans, catering to the fact that all humans are blind in Bot City. They work as sort of narrators for everyday life, and are very helpful outdoors. They will soon be outdated by upcoming tech, the Kagaku Tech Bit. The Tech Bit will be a small earpiece that performs the same functions as the Kibiki Guide, but without the sentience. If you'd like to save your money and wait for the Kagaku Tech Bit instead, feel free to. If not, go ahead and invest in a Kibiki Guide.

This update is brought to you by Tarragon Duke, the only low-cal energy drink that'll keep you buzzing with five amazing fruity flavours, giving you the energy to take your Kibiki Guide or Tech Bit anywhere in the world at all. Post a selfie of your adventures with the tag #TarragonCharged for a change to win a custom Tarragon Duke Tech Bit completely free. Tarragon Duke, Stay Charged™.

-Mod Ouma
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